Boys Reading TogetherMy boys, Aidan (9) and Quinlan (6) are really close brothers. Sometimes it is just proximity and sharing a room, and other times like tonight it is a shared experience and an enjoyment of each others company. That is not to say that my boys don’t fight. They do, all the time. They know each other so well and know exactly what buttons to push. Tonight though, was different.

After the boys got ready for bed, Aidan started reading a new chapter book to Quinlan. They were snuggled up on Quinlan’s bed in cozy pyjamas and hugging some soft stuffies while Aidan read. Aidan was putting lots of drama into his reading and using different voices. I could hear them both giggling and thoroughly enjoying the story. After two short chapters Quinlan was asking for more and Aidan was begging to read more. These are the nights I hope my boys remember, because I know I will.

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