Happy Birthday My Beautiful Little Boy

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I now have a four year old. My Quinlan is now a four year old. Four sounds really old to me. Four is almost in kindergarten. Four is able to be away from mommy for hours of the day. Four is old enough to start taking on chores like setting the table. Four is beginning to read. Four is becoming more and more independent. Four is changing from my baby to my big boy.

To my beautiful Quinlan on your fourth birthday: (Though posted after the fact because your birthday  and the days preceding and post were so busy.)

Over the last year there have been so many changes. Last year we started preschool and ballet and now you are at preschool 4 days a week. You still love ballet and when the music is on you are one of the most natural dancers I have seen. It makes me so happy to see your joy in movement. You went from a little boy who still needed a stroller for long walks to riding a bike by yourself, or riding on the back of the trailabike. You love to be outside playing at Douglas Park, but now instead of being in the baby swings you are soaring on the big boy swings and learning to pump and keep yourself swinging.

In January last year you started theatre classes at Carousel like your brother and our Sunday mornings are still spent at Granville Island. You love your classes and in the show cases you are not afraid to show everyone the stories your classes are supposed to be acting out. It is lovely to see how much your teachers love your enthusiasm and imagination. I can’t wait to see your version of the Wizard of Oz. I love to see how engaged you are when we go to see plays at Carousel as well. You become so engrossed in the action and want to be on the stage with the actors. It is a joy for me to see.

Most of the things you do make me smile, though sometimes it is frustrating to have a little guy who tries so very hard to be independent. You love to eat and the most common phrase out of your mouth is “I’m HUNGRY!!!!!” It is hard to keep you sated and you want to snack all the time. Luckily you are one who loves to eat fruit and you are starting to eat more and more vegetables. I now have a corn on the cob monster.

Quinlan you still have the most infectious smile. You can make the world smile and feel happier just by grinning. I still don’t understand where you get some of your ideas, but I like that you are learning to communicate your ideas. I love how enthusiastic you are about just about everything. While sometimes this enthusiasm is a little bit loud it is nice to know that you love being happy.

Happy birthday my little man. I can’t wait to see how four turns out.




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