iPhone: Heal Thyself & Kids: Please Heal Thyselves

Last night was a night of insomnia for me. I guess it was all the listening to Aidan cough and waiting for one or both of the boys to run into the room ready to be sick. This morning we had already decided that we weren’t sending Aidan to school, but Anthony was going to try to go to work. I guess with all the non sleep and the sickness my iPhone decided to give me a break and for today it decided to work as long as it was connected to the computer. I was able to back it up. and Anthony synced all my apps and contacts. I hope it stays.

As for the kids, both boys are restless and I brought Aidan to the doctor. He is now on some puffers to help him get rid of the cough, and time will get rid of the stomach flu. I am so ready for all of us to be healthy again and in all of our activities and school.

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