Things That Are Making the Rounds in Our House

I promise this post is not in anyway about sickness or iPhones. In our house lately there are a few things that the boys say that make Anthony and I laugh out loud.

There are a lot of times that Anthony or I ask Quinlan questions. It could be “Why on earth did you not go to the toilet?” Or, “Why did you climb on the counter?” Lately he has an answer ” I don’t have a good answer for that.” Also on the subject of toilet training, Quinlan likes to hide behind things and yell “No peeking at me!” At this point we try very hard to get him to the toilet on time. Sigh.

Aidan had a girlfriend at the beginning of the school year. He told me about it very shyly and when I asked him what did having a girlfriend mean to him he answered “We are friends who do some secret stuff.” (I am paraphrasing at this point.) When I regained my breath I asked as calmly as I could what secret stuff he was doing with his girlfriend. “We hugged and kissed on the cheek.” The adorable tilt of his head and slight blush was both heartwarming and terrifying for me. Things cooled off pretty quickly and the discussion about not hugging and kissing at school seems to have sunk in. I am just glad that he wanted to tell me. He has a new girlfriend now who he has not hugged or kissed. The funniest part of all the discussions was Quinlan’s quip after hearing about Aidan’s girlfriend incident “I want to kiss a girl before I am old.” This was said very plaintively as if he was getting long in the tooth and might never kiss a girl at all.

Have you ever noticed that anytime a child says “It is not funny!” in that indignant tone, that even if you are trying to agree and not laugh, it really is at least a little bit funny.

What are the things that make you chuckle?

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