Josh Groban and Aidan

Tonight Aidan and I are going to the Josh Groban concert with some students and faculty from Carousel Theatre. This opportunity came about because everywhere Josh Groban does a concert, he highlights a  community arts organization that brings quality art programs to children. Carousel Theatre was the one that fit the bill, and his foundation, Find Your Light Foundation, is giving a donation to Carousel Theatre and bring a group of us to his concert.

We get to meet with Josh Groban before the concert and as part of this Carousel Theatre asked Aidan to do a short interview with Josh for their website. I hope to have a copy of that and some of the pictures here on this blog. Needless to say we are very excited for Aidan to have this opportunity. I just hope the scrapes he has on his head will not put Josh Groban off. Sigh, it is always the way of kids to have interesting scrapes and bruises at the very worst time.

Dancing Aidan


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