What Can I Do to Make the World a Better Place?

I am constantly trying to improve myself and I try to model good, kind behaviour to my boys. I am not always so successful in this endeavour, but I try. Right now Energizer and Evergreen are trying to do the same thing by launching their “Do Something Little, Help Something Big,” initiative. Energizer is contributing $100,000 to Evergreen to help make Canadian cities more livable and they have asked people to pledge little things to help. For each pledge Energizer will donate another $1 to the initiative. All the pledges are little things like taking a shorter shower, or giving food to a food bank/shelter. I decided to take up the challenge and I am pledging 5 small acts to make life a little better.

Number 1: I pledge to donate food to a food bank. We usually do make a donation at Christmastime, but I want to do something now as well. I also want to take this a bit further and help my son’s classes find a way to make a donation to the CBC’s food bank day. Since the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can make $1 into $3 worth of spending power this is an easy way to make things go further.

Number 2: I pledge to donate my used clothes to a charity. This is easy as we have been purging the house and took 3 garbage bags full of clothes, some furniture and books to charity already. We are also going through our toys and will give those away to charity as well.

Number 3: I pledge to tell my kids that I love them more often and I will try to get rid of the frustrated shouty mom as well. Telling my kids I love them is easy, the frustrated shouty mommy part is a little more difficult. I hope that with our new routine starting next week that things will be happier for all of us, and the few hours a week to myself will give me a little bit of time to write and find myself again.`

Number 4: I pledge to walk or bike Aidan to school or from school at least 2 times a week. This may seem like a very small pledge, but we have 2 schools a few miles apart, swimming lessons on 4 days and different times, a daily nap, piano and ballet and maybe Beavers to take into account as well. I hope to get into a routine of biking with Aidan to school on Mondays and Thursdays and then biking to swimming lessons with Quinlan. Not only is this better for the environment but it should be better for my waistline.

Number 5: I pledge to do something for Carousel Theatre. I think I would like to find a way to have a small fundraiser to help at least one child this year get theatre classes or to a play for the first time. I know that Carousel has some funds to help kids in need, but there is always room for more.

What about you? Will you pledge a few things to make our world a better place?


Disclosure – I am participating in the Energizer Canada & Evergreen “Do Something Little, Help Something Big” program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Energizer Canada & Evergreen. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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