We Have a Very Cool Son

I love my son Aidan, and not only because he is my son.  He is always inventing things and figuring out what The Aidan Company can improve on.  He has invented so many things that I have totally lost count.

Tonight Aidan is at a Giants game with Anthony.  He really wanted to go see a hockey game and Anthony was happy to oblige.  During the first intermission Anthony tweeted about the conversation he was having with Aidan.

“First period conversation with my 5 yr old included the inequity of boys-only hockey leagues and debate over if zero is actually a number.”


“He decided HIS league would have boys and girls. And I couldn’t convince him zero was a number. It’s an absence of a number according to him.”


“Now he’s wondering why there’s not a para-hockey league we can watch. I love this kid.”


We have these kinds of conversations all the time.  Aidan thinks about all kinds of issues and he asks hard questions.  He tries to figure out how he can make things better, whether it be by inventing a pain removal machine, or a quick train.  I love that he wanted to have a league of men and women in hockey.  I love that he was so excited by the paralympics that he wants to be able to see these athletes perform all the time.

It is these conversations that give me hope that Anthony and I, despite our inadequacies, might just be doing something right as parents.  I think Aidan will stay a person who sees the good in people and the amazing things that people can do.  I also think that he will be a fabulous entrepreneur one day.

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