A Day in the Life

Today in the life of Anthony, Aidan , Quinlan and me.

6 am: Anthony gets up.

6:30 am: Quinlan gets up and calls for “Mommy-daddy” “Hello Aidan”

6:35 am: Anthony get Quinlan and brings him into the room to get changed. Quinlan says “Good Morning Mommy. Mommy awake?”

6:40 am: Quinlan and Anthony get up.

7:30 am Aidan gets up and goes upstairs.  I turn on the radio and think that I really want to be asleep.

7:45 am: Anthony sends Quinlan downstairs and he and I get dressed.

7:50 am Anthony sends Aidan down to get dressed.  We tell Aidan about 6-10 times to get dressed.

8:00 am Anthony brings down my tea and his lunch and I try to get the boys shoes and coats on.

8:10 am Aidan finally gets his coat zipped up. We head downstairs to the car.

8:15 am We all head up to UBC to drop Anthony off.

8:50 am: After we dropped Anthony off at work the boys and I head home for a few minutes before we head to swimming.

9:30 am:  The boys and I leave for swimming.

9:45 am: After parking we run into the change room and try to get into the pool.

10:00 am: Aidan is set up on the bench with  his iPod and Quinlan and I have his lesson.  Today he went full face in the water and blew bubbles and did three full head under water swims.

10:30 am: Aidan goes for his lesson and he is also doing really well.  Quinlan and I swim and play for another 15 minutes and then we get dressed.

11:00 am: Get Aidan out of the pool and showered and dressed.

11:15 am Get in the car and head home.

11:30 am: Get lunch for the boys. Cheese sandwiches.

12:00 pm: Get the boys in the car and head to drop off Aidan at school.

12:30 pm:  Drive home to get Quinlan down for a nap.

12:45 pm: Quinlan down for a nap.

1:00 pm: I almost fall asleep on the sofa.  Get off my butt and get the dishwasher loaded and on.

2:30 pm, go into Quinlan’s room to get him and pick up Aidan.

2:45 pm: park at the school and listen to the radio.

2:55 pm: Put Quinlan’s backpack (leash) on and go play hopscotch till the bell rings and Aidan’s class gets out.

3:05 pm: Take Aidan and Quinlan to the Safeway at King Ed.

3:20 pm:  Get the grocery cart and take the boys in and make sure that at least we get some veggies, bananas and cat food.

4:00 pm: go home and run inside to put the groceries in the fridge.

4:30 pm: get back in the car and head back up to UBC to drop off the car.

4:50 pm: call Anthony and then he gets in the car  and drops the boys and I down at the bus loop.

5:00 pm:  get on the 99 and try to keep Quinlan on my lap and Aidan on the seat beside me.

5:4o pm:  get off at Heather and walk over to Michael’s to check out some craft ideas.

6:00 pm: stop at A&W for supper.

6:30 pm walk the rest of the way home.

6:40 pm: get the boys ready for bed.

7:00 pm: change the cat box and bring down the garbage and recycling and put them outside.  The boys are in their room listening to The Father Christmas Letters and reading books. Vacuum the hall and boys bedroom.

7:45 pm turn out the boys light and then go downstairs to take out the recycling and garbage.

7:55 pm: reset the boys and then get my pyjamas.

8:05 pm: I am upstairs watching tv and checking twitter and the boys are asleep.

9:00 pm: wrting this post waiting for Anthony to come home, and watching The Vagina Monologues.

10:20 pm: finishing this post and still waiting to hear from Anthony.

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4 Responses to A Day in the Life

  1. Raul says:

    That is one damn long day!

  2. Tracey says:

    I’m exhausted just reading about your day. Hope Anthony gets home soon.
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..Monday Poll – Online Shopping =-.

  3. Anthony says:

    Erm, I almost made it home before midnight. Almost.

  4. NanaLorraine says:

    Wow!! That’s all I can say. Wow, both of you.

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