The People Who Walked in Darkness

Advent is one of my favourite times of year.  It is always filled with anticipation, expectation, music and light in the darkness.

Today I was part of a carol service to start the season of Advent at my church.  As always I was a bit of a nervous wreck because I wasn’t sure everything was going to go as planned since the only time we had everyone singing all the pieces was at the actual service.  Ok, a bit nervous doesn’t begin to describe how I was feeling.

During the service things went very well.  I was conducting and the choir was (for the most part) following, and despite some minor tuning problems, the music was beautiful.

I don’t talk too much about religion on this blog, but for me music and god are connected.  Today I had a moment when I had shivers up and down my spine from the Sevenfold Amen.  It was so beautiful and meaningful that I almost cried.  What more can you ask from music?

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  1. Colette says:

    The “best” singing of the Sevenfold Amen was during the service. Everything just seemed to click! Great job with the conducting. I tried to keep my head out of the music for the most part. And your solo was FABULOUS!!!!

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