Sometimes the Crying Doesn’t Stop

There is nothing so frustrating as the parent of a newborn, than the crying that is so loud and just won’t stop.  On top of the sleep deprivation, hormonal stresses, breastfeeding woes and all the other baggage that goes along with parenting a newborn, a baby who cannot be comforted can be what pushes you over the edge.


With both my boys there were periods where almost everyone in the house was crying.  The babies because sometimes they just cry and are inconsolable, the siblings because their baby is crying and you aren’t paying enough attention to the sibling, and you because you are just so tired and hormonal.

There is no worse feeling in the world than hearing your baby cry and not be able to comfort them.  I know that it a biological imperative to keep the human race alive, but in the throes it puts your stomach in your throat.

I am an incredibly lucky woman, neither of my boys had colic and I had an incredible support system in my husband.  Even with that support I still sometimes found myself wanting to hide under the bed.  It is so easy to go from coping to not and it can happen in an instant.  That is why this PURPLE cap campaign is so important.  So many times it is easier to cope if you know that other people are going through the same thing.

Sometimes you do need to hide under the bed, or go for a walk.  Sometimes you need to call a friend to look after the baby while you go and get a cup of tea or take a nap.  It is not a failure to admit that this squalling infant is kicking your butt and your temper and you need to get some air and some perspective.  If you can’t call a friend or family member, putting the baby in the bassinet or crib and shutting yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes until you are calm is perfectly valid and healthy, for both you and the baby.

Remember: This too shall pass.


The PURPLE Cap “Knit-in”

November 22, 2010 at 10:30 am

at BC Children’s Hospital

Join volunteers, moms, students and knitters for a public knit–in to raise awareness for the
Period of PURPLE Crying: A New Way to Understand Your Baby’s Crying, a shaken baby prevention program.

We are amazed by the support for the
PURPLE Cap campaign and hope you will join us in a celebration to sort, tag and organize the over 3,000 beautiful hand-knit caps.

These caps will be distributed to new parents in B.C.’s 50 birthing hospitals along with the
Period of PURPLE Crying education and information package during the week of November 22 in celebration of National Child Day, which takes place November 20.

We need volunteers to:
• Knit bring your purple wool and knitting sticks
• Sort over 3,000 purple caps for distribution across B.C.
• Tag the caps
• Talk to media about why you got involved (if interested)


Date: Monday, November 22, 2010

Time: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Location: BC Children’s Hospital
Chieng Family Atrium at the Child & Family Research Institute
938 West 28th Avenue
Main Floor, Lobby Area
Vancouver, BC

There will be people and purple balloons to guide you

Parking: We hope to have parking set aside for the event

RSVP: Harriet: or
Claire:, 604-875-2000, ext. 5100

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2 Responses to Sometimes the Crying Doesn’t Stop

  1. harriet says:

    So well put.
    .-= harriet´s last blog ..Birthmother- firstmother- mother =-.

  2. Sarah Funk says:

    Keira was a purple cryer. Thankfully I don’t remember too much of that stage. I just remember that it was terrible.
    I’m so glad that there is an event for this. Because you really have no idea why your baby is doing this. Lots of times I thought it was me. Not enough times did I ask for help.
    My Mom knitted over 40 caps for this cause. I hope they are worn with love!

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