Helping Nature Along: Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding is a natural thing it sometimes needs a little help.  I have written about my breastfeeding journey so far and I touched on some of the difficulties I had.  I have a few more issues than some like trying to find a breast pump that had a range of available breastsheild sizes, or finding nursing bras that fit, or trying to feed a sleepy jaundiced baby.  All of these experiences have helped me find some resources to help, and some I have still to find. I thought I would share what I have.

When I was nursing Aidan I was unable to find a nursing bra that fit properly, and while I still haven’t found one that fits me properly I have a ton of resources for almost anyone else of a larger size.  The first is Honeymilk Designs, by a local Vancouver bra designer Brandee Anderson.  I haven’t got one myself as I am still too large, but I have heard nothing but fabulous reviews.  If you are of a normal size range a nursing tank can be your best friend and keep you stomach covered.

In Vancouver at least, most of the Shopper’s Drug Marts rent hospital grade breast pumps.  In the beginning this may be the best idea so you can find a style of pump that you like.  Call the drugstore and ask about the models that they rent.  I found that the hospital grade Medela was the pump that gave me the most relief from engorgement pain when Quinlan wasn’t latching the first couple of weeks.  With all rental pumps you need to buy a package that has the tubing and breastsheilds.  With the Medela they actually have different sizes, because the breastsheild isn’t supposed to rub against your nipple.  For me that meant I needed a larger size than the average size, and the only place we found it was the Shopper’s Home Health Care store on Oak, though I think there are several places in Vancouver that rent the actual pumps.

The other thing that was a godsend in both my pregnancy and even now is the nursing pillow I bought at a local baby fair.  The YOU Pillow was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I used it every night  during the rest of my pregnancy and it really helped to make the sleep less painful as I got bigger.  Since Quinlan was born I have been using this pillow for nursing, even now, as well as for all kinds of things. In fact I have the laptop on my pillow now while I am writing this post.

Do you have some breastfeeding staples that have made your journey easier?

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  1. Thanks for the link to Honeymilk Designs. I am a native Vancouverite and hadn’t heard of her yet.

    I know Karen of YOU Pillows…. glad to hear her product worked so well for you!


    Wendy Armbruster Bell
    .-= Wendy Armbruster Bell´s last blog ..PumpEase Lands at the ABC Show in VEGAS BABY! =-.

  2. YOU Pillows says:

    Wonderful to hear how comforting, supportive and just plain useful the YOU Pillow has been for you! Guess what we’re using right now while at the computer? 🙂 Many thanks for sharing news of the YOU Pillow. Best wishes, Karen & Sabina

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