Thanksgiving and Entertaining

Since we have been living in Vancouver our house was the house to come for a dinner party.  We have introduced many a newcomer to Vancouver and sometimes Canada to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter dinners.  For almost every turkey holiday we have a multitude of religions and countries of origin represented.  We have at least 1 vegetarian at every dinner party.  Some people have diet restrictions and some have diet preferences.  This always makes things fun, but also requires a bit of juggling.  This year is pretty simple, well until we get a call from Tomer and Carla saying that they have decided to go kosher or bring a kosher friend with them, with only 1 vegetarian, a picky preschooler and an infant.  The rest of us eat anything.

Even with the complications that having different religions and dietary needs in the mix, I love cooking a holiday meal.  I love the planning, the food, the decorating, the wine, the nicely set table with flowers and candles.  I like the ceremony of eating a big meal with friends and family.  I like cooking a turkey, and if I do say so myself, I am really good at it.  I like making the pies, and rolls.  I love cooking this gigantic meal that takes me two days to cook  and even with the big clean up.

Why do I love making this big deal holiday meal, but I don’t really like cooking everyday meals? It is something I often wonder.  It isn’t that I want to cook a huge meal with all the trimming more often, don’t get me wrong here.  I couldn’t handle that kind of prep work all the time.  I think it maybe that while it is a lot of work, it is always really appreciated.  It is nice to get those accolades.

I am also of the opinion that the dinner conversation and after dinner conversation or games really make the meal.  It is wonderful to socialize and take the time out of your everyday life to put on something a little special, eat some good food and drink some good wine and enjoy some good company.  For those not here this year, Ali and Noushine, and Tammy, we will miss you.  You might even come up in conversation.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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