Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • – Which looks more old fashioned? The computer or the morse code receiver? #
  • Aidan is asking about death. He wants me to call up the bad guys & tell them to stop killing. He's crying because he doesn't me to be dead. #
  • I think it may be time to turn off the CBC. I have no idea how to answer Aidan's death and killing questions. #
  • RT @bcchfjeansday: Get your Tim Hortons Smile Cookies for only $1 each til Oct 3! All proceeds go to BC Children's !: #
  • Luckily Aidan is now distracted with his trains. I will need some time to figure out how to handle this better. #
  • Out by myself. It feels weird and lovely at the same time. So why do I feel guilty for needing it? #
  • just fyi @anthonyfloyd made sure I actually got out.he even suggested i go to a movie. #
  • best part of being out alone: no sharing the bc rolls or gyoza! #
  • Heading home for a little mindless tv and bed. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? #
  • Thanks for the feedback on my latest post. I am glad I decided not to hit the delete button. #
  • – I'm a big boy now! #
  • Quinlan will be the child who makes a long distance call to china. Maybe this week. #
  • RT @smuttysteff: I swear, I'm this close to unfollowing everyone auto-tweeting every Foursquare location they go to. You're THERE? REALLY? #
  • Waiting for a courier to come before I can take Aidan to Preschool. Oh and for the baby to wake up. Can I hope we are late for preschool? #
  • The courier I was waiting all morning for? Just came now. #TheirtimeISN'Tmoreimportantthanmine #
  • I love the mind of 4 year olds. Scarborough Fair will forever be know in the Floyd House as "Cowboy Blogging." I kinda like it better. #
  • After the glue gun incident last night I'm surprise at how much I can do w/out the full use of my index fingers. RB guitar isn't 1 of them. #
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