Don’t Mind Me, I am Just a Mother with No Sleep and a Cold on the Way

I wrote this post a few days ago and I was hoping to actually write something a little more coherent and I can’t.  Here are some of the reasons why:

Quinlan is sleeping worse than ever.

Aidan is having nightmares and waking as well.

We are worried about Quinlan waking Aidan up as he does not wake up well in the middle of the night, even if it is early to us.

Even when Quinlan and Aidan are sleeping I still end up staying up until my regular sleeping time which is about 11 pm.

It usually takes me a little bit to get back to sleep after waking up which means I get about and hour or an hour and a half of sleep and then an hour to an hour and a half awake and so on throughout the night.

I understand why sleep deprivation is a form of incredible torture.  It has been perfected b y all the babies and dictator children around the world.  Any parent has at least some sympathy for anyone who is tortured in this inhumane way.  Wow that just sounded like there are forms of torture that are humane.  Like I said, sleep deprived.

My brain is ceasing to function in any real way.

I know everyone will forgive me for the ramble you have been reading and the drivel you are about to read.

I will try to write about the conversations Aidan and I are having about death and the fun in the corn maze tomorrow.  Oh and some interesting stuff about the carseat launch I attended on the 25th.  Lots of great stuff coming.

Again, please forgive the drivel.


I must write something. I must write something even though my brain is fried.  I must write something that is informative and interesting.  I just have no idea what I am about to write. I do have a few things I should write like the two or three book review for Penguin that I have on the back burner.  I could write about some other issues that I am afraid will hurt some people’s feelings, but I won’t.

I sometimes feel a little hampered by the openness of this blog.  Not that I am too open, but that my family knows and reads this blog.  I censor myself because I don’t want to stir the pot or make things awkward.  I sometimes wish that I could be one of those writers that don’t care who actually reads what I write. I don’t want to always self censor.

Or I could write about Dancing with the Stars and the ridiculous tribute to Patrick Swayze.  I was embarrassed just watching it. Now I am just watching to see who else they get rid. I am torn between Macy or Kathy.  Either is fine with me.  Wow, I think I saw some actual real emotion from Macy Gray.  I didn’t think she would be sober enough to actually care.

Or I could just hit delete because as someone with no sleep I am obviously not aware enough to even write anything coherently. I just hope that if I don’t you will forgive me for this lame post.


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6 Responses to Don’t Mind Me, I am Just a Mother with No Sleep and a Cold on the Way

  1. Crunchy says:

    Oh yeah….hence why my posts suck and I do photos instead these is about all I can handle….

    I have great thoughts..but they sort of peter out.

    And yeah..I need an anon blog..WE need anon blog…

  2. I hear ya sister. It’s not rambling or drivel… it’s life. And it’s fantastic, so thanks for the peek into it!

    I quite often feel hampered by the openness of my blog as well… I had family members who didn’t quite understand the concept of “self deprecating humour” and kept blasting me for posts that I wrote (that were completely self-deprecating – I simply used people I ran into on my daily outings as props to get my self-deprecating point across!!), and I found that I not only ended up censoring my writing… but censoring my life. It affected me on such a level that I now over-explain myself and over-apologize (even apologizing for things that don’t require an apology). And so sometimes I think, “where did I go?”. Argh. I would love to share SO MUCH with these people, but they just take so much of me the wrong way. 🙁 I’ll just stick to friends, not family, lol!

    Glad you didn’t hit delete.
    .-= The Tsunami Mommy´s last blog ..Rewind =-.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Not a lame post at all. I’ve been where you are in the sleep department and, although it still occurs, it’s not as bad. You’ll get through it for sure!!!

  4. Sandi says:

    I’m writing this with a toddler on my chest because he woke up screaming. I think it was a nightmare but he can’t/won’t say. Sleep deprivation is awful. I know that it has killed any lick of creativity that I used to have so I applaud you for continuing to write! Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Chelsea says:

    I totally know how you feel! It took until my daughter was years old to sleep through the night, and she was a sleepwalker too, so I had one eye open for a long time… except when I went into a sleep deprivation comma! It inspired me to start creating the ultimate sleep experience for myself.

    You will not always feel this way!

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