Lovable Labels: Review

I was asked if I wanted to test and review Lovable Labels by Jeanette of Limelite PR.  I told her as long as they were happy to have a frank review then I was willing.  I was given a Back to School pack of labels and I had them mailed to my in-laws’ place in Nova Scotia so I could test them while we were on vacation there.  I figured if they could last while we geocached, go through the dishwasher (several times), go through the washing machine (hot water) and dryer or line and help tag our bags while going through the airport we would be doing a thorough test.

Things I Disliked:

  1. You can only put one name on them.  Especially with the  bag tags it would be useful to be able to have the name on one side and contact information on the other.  It would also be useful in a household of more than one child to be able to split the tags up into two names.
  2. The monochromatic colour schemes.  It would be nice to have some other colours or a more mixed pack of colours.  I would love to see some green and orange.
  3. More choice of icons and the ability to mix up a few different icons in the set of labels.
  4. The shoe labels have a clear cover that are exactly the same size.  It would help make it easier to cover the show labels if they were at least a little bigger.
  5. The ball chain comes apart very easily and I will change it to a key ring so that my 10 month old will not choke on the bag tag.
Aidan with his personal Bag Tag

Aidan with his personal Bag Tag

Things I Liked:

  1. They really stick.  All the tags that have been through the washer, dishwasher and dryer over the past two weeks have stayed on.
  2. They came quickly after I ordered them with the correct name and icon.
  3. They are cute and readable.
  4. There are enough labels to make sure that all your child’s belongings are tagged.
  5. My son loves the icon he chose and that he has a lot of his belongings tagged as his own.
Lovable Labels

Lovable Labels

Would I spend my own money on these labels?  I think if I could easily have a mix of two names I would.  This year at preschool I am not so worried about Aidan losing too many things, but next year when he starts Kindergarten I will want to label everything.  It is so much easier to label and find things in the dreaded “Lost and Found” box than to go through and hope you remember what they were wearing.  As a teacher I would be happy if every child labelled their belongings as well.  It saves so many disagreements over who actually owns an item.  Just make sure that you have both first and last names on your labels because there is likely to be another child with your child’s first name.  Well at least if you fell into the trap we did.  Although if Aidan keeps his silly name all I need to do is label everything Doctor Beaks.  No one else will have that name, right?

If you would like to get your own pack of Back to School Labels I have a discount code for you for the next two weeks.  Head over to Lovable Labels and choose the Back to School Mega Pack from the front page.  When checking out use the code leftcoastmama to receive a 10% discount off your order.  Lovable labels is a Canadian company but they have US distributors as well.  The discount code works in both countries.

Since I am in the midst of writing my about pages, including my policies for doing product reviews, I will state the most relevant here.  I was not paid to review these products, though I did receive a Back to School Mega Pack of labels with Aidan’s name on them.  I was not asked to write a favourable review and I made sure they were not expecting one.  If you have any questions or comments about the labels feel free to leave a comment here or email me at leftcoastmama@gmail.com

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