The New Bedroom

As most of you know we are trying to make room for another person to come into the house sometime this fall.  In preparation for this we have made room in Aidan’s bedroom and our bedroom for the new baby.  Since the closet was really being under (and badly) used, we took off the doors and put them under the stairs.  Anthony was a little sceptical about the dresser and freezer going in the closet but it really opens up the room enough to put in the crib and still have enough some room for the rocking chair.  The room is still a little crowded but much better than I imagined.  Let me know what you think.

The new big blue bed.

He has more room than we do.

The library side under his bed.

The toy and play area under the bed.

The crib is by the window so far.

A better view of the chair and crib side.

Aidan’s side of the room.  It is amazing how much the doors on the closet closed off the room.

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3 Responses to The New Bedroom

  1. Grandma Kathy says:

    I can’t believe how big the room looks. I think you did an amazing job of making sleeping, playing and quiet time spaces.

    Love Grandma

  2. chelle says:

    I love it!!! The play/read area under the bed is awesome!! Our kids share a room and really I am glad they “have” to. Makes them closer.

    chelle’s last blog post: WW#32 – RAWR

  3. Nana says:

    What a great room! Aidan looks very proud and happy in his new bed and the closet still has lots of room to hang up little clothes. It is no wonder that you were tired on Monday though.

    Love you. Mom

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