Who says you don’t meet interesting people at the playground?

Not me. In fact I think I had my first celebrity parent sighting. Now I am not sure which Sedin twin it was, but one of them (I think Daniel) was at Douglas Park today with his daughter. I didn’t even notice at first until I was getting Aidan on to the swing beside her after he nearly ran into the little girl’s legs. Ok, now having googled the twins I am sure that it was Daniel. I looked at both of their hockey pictures and that was what I thought but it is a little hard with the helmets on to tell the difference. Anyway, he was very nice and no one was bothering him. In fact I am pretty sure no one wanted to have to figure put which one he was or feel really stupid and ask.

So, the small talk is the same as with any parent on the playground, you either talk about your kids or the weather. As funny as it may sound, apparently Daniel prefers the rain to snow. 🙂 Who would have thought that about a hockey player?

So for all that there are so many things filmed here I still have only three real celebrity sightings. Bif Naked, Kelsey Gramer and Daniel Sedin. I guess I need to be more in tune with the celebrity gossip to get more sightings. Either that or pimp out my son as a child actor. 🙂

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2 Responses to Who says you don’t meet interesting people at the playground?

  1. Man..I never meet anyone interesting at playgrounds.

    I do tend to spot ‘celebs’…but usually low level canadian one’s and nobody around me knows who I am talking about so it is pointless

  2. Haley-O says:

    Yeah, I’m LONG OVERDO for a celebrity siting!!! Need to go to NYC and hang out in Central Park, or something…. Maybe Jen Garner or Keri Russell will be there!

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