Not Menu Plan Monday

Ok, so I didn’t plan meals this week and we are feeling the effects. The chats are something like this:

Gwen says:
any ideas for dinner?
Anthony says:
Anthony says:
too late I suppose
Anthony says:
uh, no.
Gwen says:
ok well meatloaf tomorrow
Gwen says:
hmm, wendys, or chinese, or ??
Anthony says:
oh my
Anthony says:
see this is what happens when we (you) don’t do a MPM
Anthony says:

Gwen says:
I asked on sunday and didn’t get any feedback
Anthony says:
I know, maybe *I* might do a MPM one of these weeks …
Anthony says:
but boy, that seems pretty unlikely, doesn’t it.
Anthony says:
Gwen says:

So here we are, Wednesday without a clue what we are going to eat for supper. So on to plan the rest of the week.

Thursday: Breaded Chicken and mashed potatoes and vegetables

Friday: Awesome Meatloaf, baked potatoes and vegetables

Saturday: Pot roast (slow-cooker) vegetables

Sunday: Oven Roasted Chicken

Any ideas for next week?

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1 Response to Not Menu Plan Monday

  1. Nana says:

    Spagetti & meatsauce & garlic bread?
    Ham & scalloped potatoes & roasted root veggies
    pizza made on pita with raw veggies and dip
    baked talipia fish with oven fries
    slow cooker baked beans & porridge bread
    lamb medallions with mashed potatoes and peas
    bbq spare ribs and rice

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