Toddlers, Sigh

Aidan was in a mood today. I signed him up for swimming lessons in a Waterbabies class that finally started today. He loves the water and is quite happy to spend an eternity in the bathtub playing with his toys and pretending to swim. This morning when I told him we were going swimming he burst out “No, Mommy, I don’t like it.” I was really confused because he is always asking to go swimming and I was under the impression that he missed it.

Getting Aidan dressed to go this morning was a hassle. When he finally got dressed getting him into his shoes was also a fight. Getting him into the car-seat was even worse. When we got to the community centre with the pool and turned into the parking lot he got even more vocal. I got him out of the caqr and pulling his Thomas bag along behind him. I started sining the Wheels on the Bus and he finally got excited about the lessons.

Aidan was a little stubborn during the lessons, wanting to do what he wanted, when he wanted. He was also the oldest child there. I know that he is on the cusp of needing the next level of lessons, but I like the time of these. Anyway, he had a good time and then didn’t want to get out of the water. Sigh, I was hoping he would be excited to go swimming and easy to get out of the pool. Wishful thinking I guess.

I think next week will be better because we will be getting back into the routine of lessons. Now I just hope he falls asleep so I can take a nap.

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  1. chelle says:

    Toddlers are exhausting! Swimming always tires out my crew!

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