Delurker Day


I hope to actually get to know who is reading the blog. Apparently this is the day to do it. It is another delurker day. So please take a second to put a comment here, just a “hi” will suffice. I would love to check out your blogs too if you have them. I would also like to know what you like (or don’t like) about the blog. Friends and family that read and don’t comment, I would really like to know as well.

In other news, Anthony found a singer/songwriter/playwright Megan Gogerty. She has a song (It is also not embeddable here so I will give you the link.) “I Miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer” that is wonderful. It isn’t sung the best and it is obviously not professionally recorded, but I love the lyrics. If you liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer you should give it a listen.

Happy Delurking.

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8 Responses to Delurker Day

  1. Grandma Kathy says:

    Hi – You know I read it everyday.

    Love Mother-in-law

  2. Heidi says:

    I swear I’m not a lurker. 😉 I just use a reader and don’t always get out to the site.

  3. Anthony says:

    Hmmm, apparently delurking includes the DH too. Or, so I was told tonight! :p

    I too read using a reader…


  4. Haley-O says:

    I read using readers — usually because I’m nursing when I’m reading! I comment most of the time, though. It’s just hard to get out there these days because of my screaming rascal! I hope to be able to visit more soon!

  5. ali says:

    me! me! me! i’m here!

  6. Chag says:

    I enjoyed the Bladder Infection song.

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