Aidan Demands and Tidbits

Aidan: “Have another Timbit?”

Mommy: “Not right now Aidan. We are going to have a cheese sandwich first.”

Aidan: “Not a cheese sandwich. Only another Timbit. Now.” Needless to say he did not get another Timbit.


We were shopping for a Christmas present for Tallis and I asked Aidan to help me.

Aidan: “Tallis like a train?”

Mommy: ” I would love to send Tallis the train but it is much too big to send to Manchester.”

Aidan: “Tallis the train.”

There was a Fisher Price animal Train for infants. While continuing to show Aidan some other options to see if he thought Tallis would like them, he continued to play with the train.

Mommy: “Do you think Tallis would like this monkey?”

Aidan: “No Mommy. Tallis likes the train. Only the train.”



This morning while Aidan and I were getting ready to go out I was hugging him and telling him I love him.

Mommy: “I love you Aidan, do you love me?”

Aidan: “I love the cat. Mommy love the cat?” He is playing with a small Siamese cat while hugging me.

Mommy: “Yes Aidan I love the cat, but I love you more. Do you love Mommy?”

Aidan: “I love you Mommy.”

Mommy: “Do you love Daddy?”

With a big grin, and then a hug. Aidan: “Only you Mommy.”


Anytime something is not quite right, or is frustrating Aidan.

Aidan: “Poor Aidan. Poor Darling. ” in a very sad voice.



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  1. Nana says:

    Aidan certainly knows how to tease! Poor Daddy!

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