Toilet Traing Starting in Earnest (If uninterested or squeamish, stop reading now.)

I am starting the toilet training in earnest.  Every half hour, until we go out to return the Tigger costume,  we will be on the toilet.  (Well, Aidan will be.)  I have started with the first lesson today.

How to sit on the toilet.

Rule for Aidan:

1:  Always make sure the penis is pointing down into the toilet.

2:  Always hold on to the handles.

3:  Keep the feet on the blue stool.  (Makes it much easier to stay in the right position.)

Rules for mommy:

1: Make sure you praise the sitting on the toilet.

2:  Make sure you say what a big boy Aidan is. Make those big boy diapers the thing he wants to wear.

3: Praise, praise, praise.

Dilemmas for Mommy:  How do you get the reluctant boy  to bend over so you can get him wiped? What are good toilet training bribes?  How often do you give them? Do you only give treats for product?  Or do you start off giving a sticker on a chart for every time they sit on the toilet?  How many stickers equals a treat?  Where can I find Thomas the Tank Engine underwear?


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