Menu Plan Monday


This week I am trying again to not only plan the suppers but lunches and breakfasts as well. The breakfast and lunches on most days will only be for me, but I am really trying to lose some weight. If I want to actually make my goal of 25 lbs by Christmas I actually have to get off my butt and make it happen. Hence the full time menu planning. I won’t put all the measurements on this post because I am also trying to plan for my husband as well and somehow men have better metabolisms than women. Sucks doesn’t it. 🙁

Last week went well and I think we only had one substitution day. I am hoping to do as well this week, with some better choices for snacks.

Monday: B ->scrambled egg, tea, plum, 1 cup 1%milk, 1 piece toast L ->Raw Carrots, Celery, Garlic Cesar dressing (2 tablespoons) S-> Lean Hamburgers, salad Snacks -> Berries, low fat cool whip, crystal light, raw veggies

Tuesday: B-> 1 cup Shreddies, 1 cup Berries, tea, milk L -> Salad, soup, Crystal Light S -> Pot Roast, with Carrots, Potatoes, Corn Snacks -> Berries, low fat cool whip, crystal light, raw veggies

Wednesday: B -> Fruit Salad (Plum, Melon, blueberries) Yogurt, Tea L-> Spinach Salad with boiled egg and Avocado, S -> Baked Potatoes, Steamed Veggies and Grilled Tandoori Chicken

Thursday: B -> Wheetabix, berries, 1 cup milk, tea, L -> Red Bell Pepper stuffed with tuna, celery, green onion, shredded carrot, mayo, Dijon mustard S -> Steak grilled with Montreal Steak Spice, steamed veggies and Skinny mashed potatoes Snacks -> plums and yogurt

Friday: B -> cream of wheat with 2 tbsp brown sugar, yogurt, tea L -> Potato Dill Foccacia S -> Whole wheat Pasta with roasted veggies

Saturday: B -> Pancakes, poached eggs L -> Pita Bread sandwiches with cold cuts, lettuce and sprouts S -> Anthony will figure out 🙂

Sunday: Catch up day. Unplanned.

I hope everyone has a great week! Thank you Laura for hosting.

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3 Responses to Menu Plan Monday

  1. Nana says:

    Your menu sounds great. I should just follow your breakfast and lunch menu. and then I wouldn’t have to have the same thing every day.
    Love you.

  2. I love your menu plan!! Have a great week.

  3. sandra says:

    Great menu, thanks for sharing!


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