Random Rant

I have been wondering this to myself several Fridays now; (yes I am aware that it is now Sunday or Monday for those reading on the east coast,) What the hell kind of person shaves their legs at the community center pool showers?  Why do people do this?  It is gross!  I don’t want to see you shaving your body hair, I don’t want it clogging the drains of the communal showers.  I bet this is the kind of person who dyes their hair at the gym so they don’t have to clean up any spots at home.  LOL, I am sure though that these people are probably grossed out by me taking my son into the ladies dressing room at the pool even though it is clearly booked as “Waterbabies” swim classes at the time when I (and about a dozen other moms)  am there.

<Sigh>  This is just something I have been wanting to gt off my chest since I can’t actually tell the person while they are shaving.  I wouldn’t actually want them to hurt themselves in a wild shaving accident because I disturbed the delicate balance they have going on the slippery shower room floor. 🙂 No, that would be very bad.  (Hehehe, just picturing it in my mind.)  Now I feel better.

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1 Response to Random Rant

  1. Which is why I don’t take my kids swimming enough.
    My biggest peeve is the one’s who take these long bloody elaborate showers while EVERYONE IS WAITING TO RINSE OFF!

    The one’s who are buck nekkid with the whole bag of hair products and fancy soaps…GO HOME AND DO THAT!

    I don’t want my toddler running face first into someone else’s crotch!

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