Toilet Training Ha Ha Ha!

Yesterday Aidan decided he wanted to make his Mommy the proudest Mommy ever. He asked to get on the toilet. He didn’t actually do anything in the toilet but he actually asked. He sat, played with the toilet paper and flushed. So Mommy went right out to buy another toilet set insert.

Today Aidan made his parents even prouder. He asked to get on the toilet and actually peed in the toilet. He then got off, washed his hands with me and said in a gleeful voice “I did it!!”

Wow! I feel like a wonderful parent and as Anthony says “Yeah Team!.”

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2 Responses to Toilet Training Ha Ha Ha!

  1. Grandma Kathy says:

    Congratulations Aidan!!! Mommy too. He is young to be able to tell you that he needs to go to the bathroom. We are proud of the whole family even though it means Aidan is growing into a little boy and not a baby.

    Love Grandpa John & Grandma Kathy

  2. Nana Lorraine says:

    Yeah Aidan!! What a big boy you are. Nana is so proud of you. Love you all.

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