Happy Halloween, Happy Monkey Tuesday!

Tonight Aidan and T. were dressed up in their finest Monkey costumes and we went Trick-or-treating. As always with Vancouver we found the celebration a little different than in the east. A few places in the complex had their houses done up but at least two of those weren’t home to pass out treats. Kinda disappointing.

Aidan had a great time though because we let him do what he has wanted to on the last few walks. Go up to strange doors and knock or ring the doorbell. The fact that only two people opened the door wasn’t a problem. The fact that they gave you candy (well at least something to put in your bag and shake) was amazing.

As always this post wouldn’t be the same with out some cute pictures. So here goes:


Aidan and T. walking out from our front Door. The bags were a hit.


I missed my blue hair so much I wanted a blue wig. We couldn’t get the boys to sit too well so we joined them.


We did manage to get one picture of the two of them that wasn’t of Aidan’s back end.


“Hi I’m Scary Tyrone the Jack o’lantern”



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