Horror Cookies and prep for Monkey Tuesday

I am a Halloween nut. I love it! I try every year to be creative with my pumpkins and decorate the door and get enough candy for the hoards that come to our door. Well for the one or two that come to the door and all the grown ups that come to the house. Last year we didn’t have any children and we were really excited when the Chinese Food Delivery guy came to the door. (Yes he did get a treat.)

This year I have something to compete with. I don’t have my Halloween wreath up yet and my pumpkin lights are not in the window because the boy keeps playing with them. I haven’t quite figured out how to combat that. Now three houses in the complex have really done a lot of work with their front porches. One is I guess a little generic with some scarecrows and a sign, but the two up front on the street have the webs, bats, spiders, cool lights and their pumpkins already lit. I am jealous. Well I guess that tomorrow I will be able to get the pumpkins carved and they should look good.

With Halloween in mind I tried to bake some stained glass Halloween shaped cookies. I hadn’t made them before but I had some at Dei’s last Christmas and I thought that some Jack o’Lanterns would be cool. I found some really cute (and a little expensive) Halloween cookie cutters and some life savers (a bag individually wrapped was all I could find) and today I had the time to make the cookies. The first set burnt in our oven. I swear the oven is about 50 degrees hot. Some weren’t too bad but others (like the cat) were totally burnt. Even Anthony wouldn’t eat them. The next set I turned the oven down to 300 and put a lot more candy in the holes. Tis worked better but I think they are meant to be bigger cookies with bigger hole because instead of a nice stained glass effect I got horror cookie. Some looked like exploding pumpkin guts and others like they were bleeding out the eyes. I have picture proof.




Anyway, we got out today and took some pictures of Aidan in the sunlight in his monkey suit. I will post a couple of pictures now and more on Monkey Tuesday.



Happy Halloween!!!

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