I thought that I would be posting much more in the last 2 weeks, but again life happens and when it does blogging seems to go out the window.

When we were coming home from Nova Scotia two weeks ago we had problems with Air Canada, again. We had managed to use our Areoplan miles to get our tickets which put us at the bottom of the totem pole. When we checked the flight earlier and we had our seats and no problems. When we got to the airport Aidan and Anthony were able to get their tickets printed out but not me. So we had to go to the “Self Serve Assistance” which never bodes well. We also noticed that Anthony and Aidan didn’t have assigned seats anymore. It turns out that the flight to Ottawa had been canceled and the passengers were put on to our flight, therefore knocking us out of our seats. This meant that we got put in the very last “Torture” seats in the last row. Of course they are very uncomfortable and the seat in front of us was broken and wouldn’t stay in the upright position.

It was a very long and uncomfortable flight and Aidan got only about an hour and a half of sleep. (Despite being four hours time difference, which means we got in about 3:30 am his body time.) At least we got all our luggage this time and nothing seemed to be lost or stolen. Anyway, with the problems Anthony has had with his back in the past we should have just left the luggage in the car and got it in the morning but Anthony brought it in and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The next two days Anthony was in pain but it seemed to be ok on Monday. Tuesday was a different story. Anthony didn’t got into work, and for those of you who know Anthony you know that it is very unusual. By the afternoon Anthony was in so much pain that he could stand up with out feeling like he was going to pass out. So, off to the emergency room so he could get some pain meds. Unfortunately we should have just gone to the doctor since they gave him a prescription and sent him home with nothing to help the pain.

I went through another very tough week with both the baby boys (Aidan and T) and it reiterated for me that the two of them together are too stressful for me with out the space for them to run around. I gave G. notice on Monday and in about three weeks I will not be babysitting T. anymore except maybe as an emergency caregiver. It is a relief because I was starting to be very stressed and I need to be able to get out and do things with Aidan. I am happy to do it part time but T. is a very demanding little boy and I wasn’t happy. I am still stressed but at least now there is an end date to look forward to. I also wanted to do this before there were any hard feelings. I really like T. and G. and I want to remain friends with them. I would love the boys to be friends and have play dates, but for my sanity and Aidan’s naps I needed to do this. A day with no breaks, toy throwing and hitting and temper tantrums because the boy wants all the attention (or just his mother to be there,)makes Gwen a stressed and no fun girl. I didn’t make the decision to stay home just to make someone else’s child care issues easier. G. seemed to take the news fairly well. I know that it is really difficult to find child care and I was affordable, and I wish her luck.

Anyway, enough with the ranting, the next thing I will post is another love Thursday. I am thinking about it right now. 🙂

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