And I Didn’t Cry

Today Aidan got his first real haircut. Not just a trim. Not a hair here and there. A full blown haircut. I really liked his baby curls, soft hair, in his face, feathering around his ears. It made him look both angelic and mischevious at the same time.

The only problem with hair like this is the toddlers penchant for doing things himself. This means that when they are eating, everything, and I mean everything gets in their hair. This isn’t the worst however, the worst is when your toddler has a cold.

Last week Aidan had a head cold. You know, one of those messy ones with lots of snot. Now, I know that some people take the time to style their hair with gel. Snot is not a good alternative. In fact it is damn hard to get out of hair. So hard in fact that you would think that I could actually sculpt a mohawk in Aidan’s hair.

Now my baby boy has a really boyish haircut. No curls, no hair in his eyes. He looks so grown up. Sigh. 16 months and he looks like a small adult. Well, maybe not. I think I wouldn’t feel so sad if it hadn’t been my plan to get it cut. I knew that my husband needed his hair cut and I had to wash so much stuff out of Aidan’s hair this last week or two that I knew in my head that he needed his hair cut too.

Now my husband has written for our family blog about the experience more eloquently than I can. So check out the post. I will just leave you with some pictures of my new boy.

5 comments to And I Didn’t Cry

  • Oh…. that’s always both sad & exciting, the first haircut. They always look like little men after that. Your bundle is a cutey-PATOOTEY! I love the name Aiden too.

  • Grandma Kathy


    I love to read your version of things. Yes your son does look like a little adult(darn) but he is still cute and I wish cuddly.


  • I still get a little lump when I see him. Sniff. My little boy all growed up. 🙂

  • Nana Lorraine

    I hope that my boyo still likes his Nana to cuddle him (for a minute anyway). See you in three weeks and three days.

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