Binge Watching

I like to watch tv while I knit, or sew or bake and Netflix is how I watch. I discover new (to me anyway) gems. I also discover shows that I think I might like to show my kids, or ones that Anthony and I watched all the time.

Things I am watching or waiting for the next seasons with baited breath or just happily re-watching:

1. The Bletchley Circle. This is a new one for me. I really hope there are more seasons or I will be bitterly disappointed.

2. Call the Midwife. I finished both seasons a few times and I am desperately waiting for the third season.

3. Pretty Little Liars. This is one of my guilty pleasures. Again I am waiting for the next season.

4. The Vampire Diaries. This is another guilty pleasure, but I am going through this one more slowly.

5. The West Wing. This is one that Anthony and I are enjoying a second time around. I always worry about how some things age and this is a keeper.

6. Gilmore Girls. I was always a fan of this show and while it is sometimes trite and I want to get rid of some of the horrible stereotypes, I can watch this around my kids and not worry too much.

7. Covert Affairs. This is one I missed when it was on tv, but it is quirky and reminds me of Alias.

8. Veronica Mars. I loved this one and I really enjoyed re-watching it all.

9. Doctor Who. I am in the midst of re-watching all of the new Doctor Who episodes. I still think David Tennant is my favourite Doctor. I am still torn between Rose, Donna and Amy for favourite companion.

10. Buffy, Angel and Firefly. My Dvds may be worn out so having these as back up is a good idea.


Anything else I should be watching that isn’t Mad Men?

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