NaBloPoMo and Other Creative Endeavours

I just remembered why I always saved every few minutes when I worked with wordpress. I just had a lovely post about knitting and writing that just disappeared when I tried to save a draft. Well, I am pretty sure it was lovely, or maybe it was a little bit rambly with a side of mediocre writing. As my eldest son Aidan says, Let’s just say it was a fantastic piece that I can’t replicate and leave it at that.

Last year, while I was on my writing hiatus, I started to teach myself to knit. At first everything was lumpy, and holy and somehow I managed to add about 5-10 stitches so the square (I use the term loosely) was lopsided and not fit for man nor beast. That first piece is now a cat blanket for one of Quinlan’s various cat stuffies. Luckily my youngest liked the colour and softness and overlooked the overall appearance. Now my knitting has good tension, looks pretty and is even textured between plain knit and stocking stitch. I am experimenting with knitting in the round and I have already made some things that I am not ashamed for people to wear. I may even try to knit some socks and figure out how to knit the round cowl from some absolutely gorgeous turquoise and goldenrod dyed wool.

I started out terrible and now I am pretty proud of my accomplishments. I hope that like the knitting my writing will improve again. I am not starting from the total beginning, but I am rusty and out of practice. So, please bear with me while I dust off the blog and write again. I may be making bad art, but at least it is mine.

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  1. Colette says:

    We should have a tea and knitting afternoon 🙂 Have you discovered Ravelry yet? Be careful – you could get lost in the pattern look-up part!

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