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The day starts way too early as I wish I could sleep until I was no longer tired. I know the day will be starting with a cup of tea if I am lucky and then be followed by the herding of cats that is getting Aidan and Quinlan ready to go to school. After I ask them several times to stop watching tv they finally go downstairs to get their boots and coats on. I try to remember to get all the things that Aidan needs into his backpack and we get out the door much later than I want.

Once we are out the door I grab Quinlan’s hand and we head out the courtyard and out onto the sidewalk. Today we were only a few minutes later than I wanted to be and the rain was merely a mist. Bright umbrella in one hand and Quinlan’s hand in the other, Aidan, Quinlan, and I head up to Broadway. Today we are walking and not taking the bikes like we will tomorrow. A few blocks in and Quinlan is complaining that his side hurts. Aidan is talking about something that the Aidan Company will do in the future, and I admit I am not listening. At 12th I grab both Quinlan’s and Aidan’s hands and I marvel at the warmth for the next 2 blocks.

We walk into the school yard,say hello to our friends and listen for the first bell.


This is my first attempt at Just Write. I met Heather this summer and I am sorry to say that I didn’t know her before that. In the last few months I have been extremely tempted to try to free write and link up, but today was the first time I actually had the courage. It is much easier to sing Oh Canada and laugh until tears run down your face with women who will never again be strangers.

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  1. Colette says:

    I remember having to do a form of free writing in my Grade 12 Writing class. We did it quite often. We would walk into the class, teacher would put a word or phrase on the black board (well, green board) and we would have to write about said word or phrase for a set amount of time (5 or 10 minutes ususally – although sometimes more!). Sometimes he wouldn’t write a word at all and we would be asked to write about anything we wanted. Those were the hardest I found. If he caught us with the pen/pencil not moving on the paper, (or in our mouth while we were thinking) he would say “No thinking! Just writing!”

    We never turned in those writings to our teacher, unless we wanted to. But I think I have mine tucked away in a box somewhere. . . .might have to go dig them out now and have a look at them! =)
    Colette´s last blog post ..Goals (somewhat) achieved

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