Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15

  • Victory handshake. Aidan had a great battle with Neil. @ BC Children's Hospital #
  • I need to be more than one person at the momment. #sickboys #
  • Is it wrong for me not to want a kid I've never met to come visit Aidan? A's godmother says she wants to visit but everyone else a priority. #
  • Checking out the west balcony. :) we are feeling so much better. @ BC Children's Hospital #
  • He's walkin in sunshine. @ BC Children's Hospital #
  • Hot chocolate and banana bread. My boy needed more breakfast this morning. :) @ BC Children's Hospital #
  • Aidan is doing physio for the first time since the surgery and he is rocking it. So much improvement since before the surgery. #
  • It is such a big deal, he is using BOTH hands to read. <sniff> @ BC Children's Hospital #
  • "I'm free!" he says. :) waiting for 1 more thing and we are out of here!!!!!! @ BC Children's Hospital #
  • Out of the hospital and the first thing we do is find his cache. :) #
  • Dropped off prescription for Aidan's antibiotics. Now getting milk and supper because, just because. :} #
  • Story time. :D #
  • My view on the way back from the drug store. Good to be home. #
  • I need to stay awake 1 more hour to fed the boy his antibiotics, I may cheat and give it to him a half hour early. #
  • The antibiotic giving didn't go too well. Aidan hates being wakened at the best of times, forcing medicine doesn't help anything. #sickboy #
  • So tired I am almost falling asleep on the couch. #
  • Clean and vacuumed with most surfaces less cluttered. Now I am beat. #
  • I fucking HATE our alley. Blocked on both ends right now. Going to be late for ballet and piano. #
  • The landscaping van had to unlock and remove trailer to move our of the way. Construction truck blocked other end & didn't change sign. #
  • The previous tweet is why I hate parking in our secure parking spot. I almost always have problems with all the double parkers in the alley. #
  • I hope both ballet and piano are going well. At least Q is getting some exercise, he really needs some energy burned off. #
  • Reading while we wait for Quinlan. #
  • Eggs found after eggs were hidden #
  • I am not sure how much more loud Quinlan I can take. I swear he is louder than a jet engine. I am thinking about getting ear plugs. #
  • Help me in wishing @anthonyfloyd a very happy *normal* birthday please! I love you! #
  • Birthday Pie for @anthonyfloyd. #
  • Doing what he loves best. #
  • Best physio exercise ever for getting his left hand to grip again. #
  • Walking to Granville island. @ Choklit Park #
  • Looking at downtown Vancouver #unfiltered #
  • Burrard Bridge #unfiltered @ False Creek Ferry #
  • Pretending the sun isn't hurting the Vancouverites eyes. #
  • Flowering trees. #unfiltered #ilovebloomingtreea #
  • Sun on False Creek #latergram @ Charleson Park #
  • Looking up towards BC Place. #latergram #unfiltered #

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