Hello World, I’m Back

In the last few days I have been extremely busy. I am not sure it is any busier than November was, but I have a lot of writing tasks upon me at the moment as well as the usual hubub of our daily life. We had school, preschool, swimming, ballet, and the last week of piano. I also managed to get to Metrotown to get nose pads for Aidan’s new glasses, a coat for me and boots for Quinlan all between the end of swimming and time for school pick up. We have also been experimenting with having Quinlan in underwear. So far, mostly good. It would be better if he were not a little bit sick. We also managed a trip to Ikea without breaking the bank too much. I did buy myself a beautiful rug that is so soft that the boys play on it as much as they can. All this and real meals, early bedtimes and putting together my December Daily book. So far it is only letters to the boys, but I have been making sure to take pictures. Now I just need to print them out.

We haven’t really decorated for Christmas yet, but we have started. The kids have their Advent calendars and I got them some cheap window clings so they could decorate the windows. I discovered we need new lights for the windows, unless we just use the tree lights that we no longer need. Come to think of it, I think that may be the best idea. The mantle is decorated, but that is only because the mantle garland is never un-decorated and therefore takes only a couple of minutes to put up when we find it. I think we will try to find enough time this busy weekend to put up the tree.

I have a couple of things that I need to write in the next couple of days and I promise to get Aidan to get his video log finished by this weekend. Just FYI Oz is selling out so if you want tickets you need to get them soon. It is a fabulous production.

How is your December so far?

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