Dear Aidan and Quinlan

Today was mostly lovely. I am so glad that my two boys are such polite little boys. I am glad that you have fun playing outside. I love that you both have a huge imagination. I love that Quinlan, you love to swing as high as you can and pretend you are a bird. Aidan I love that you pretend to be Santa or the reindeer.

Aidan I know you will have a good time with your father at the Canucks game. I am sure you will be excited and happy to be at your first big hockey game!

Quinlan I was very happy to have dinner with you. I love how much you love to be out with me. It is so cute to hear you ask so politely for edamame.

I am so happy that I have two boys who are so generous. It was fun going through your piggy banks to get some money to give to the food bank. It makes me feel wonderful to have to boys who think so much about other people.

Aidan and Quinlan, I love you both so much.

Love and Kisses,


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