Sick Boy

Yesterday my boy Aidan was sick. Since he has not wanted to go to school in the past we weren’t sure if we should keep him home, but he had a low grade fever so we gave him the benefit of the doubt. The fact that Aidan was not fussed by missing pizza lunch day and the rule that he was to spend most of the day in his bed with no tv may also have convinced us.  As the day wore on he got worse and by 5 he had a fever of over 101 and was asleep by 5:30 pm. With the exception of a 15 minute wake up at 2:30 am he slept through the night.

Today the difference is astounding. I had not realized how quiet Aidan was yesterday. Today his fever is almost gone and he is talking up a storm again. Everything that he didn’t say yesterday is coming out today so he has not stopped for a breath most of the day so far. He isn’t totally cured, and he didn’t really fuss about going down for a nap right now, but I think we may be able to take him to school again in the morning.


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