Shutterfly: A Review and Giveaway

Last year I was given the opportunity to make our Christmas card at Shutterfly and for the cost of shipping I received 50 cards. I worked really hard on the cards and I think they turned out really well. They certainly reflected us and I was impressed by the quality of the cards and how easy they were to make. They still cost about the same as if we bought some store made cards when you took in the shipping costs to Canada but they were so much more personal and beautiful.

This year we still need to take our family picture and I am not sure which card I will use. I am partial to folded cards because I like to have room to make each of the cards personal. While all of them will have the same sentiment inside, I also like to take the time to write a bit of a letter to the people we send the cards to. It is one of the best things about the Christmas season for me. I love that people take the time to actually write to each other. My boys love opening cards from back east and the letters that I write every day for advent.

I have a few cards picked out and I am hoping that you will help me choose a style. I love our card from last year but I am hoping for something a little different.

I like the black and that the card has room for a few different pictures. It works as a card to go to friends and family with  different religous views and it should be meaningful to everyone.

I like the simplicity of this card and it also has room for lots of pictures. I have cute kids and a tonne of pictures I can use.

This is also a simple card with room for lots of pictures. I think I like it better than the previous one because of the square picture format. I think this would be great for my instagram pictures.

This card appeals to me for its design. I love the red and the way the banner scrolls over the pictures.

Lastly this card is simple and beautiful. If we can get a good picture of either the boys or all four of us I might choose this card.


If you would like a code for 25 free cards, I have 3 to give away. Simply leave me a comment on this post by November 7th and I will choose 3 winners at random. The code can be used for any 25 cards on the Shutterfly site. They do not need to be holiday cards at all.

I recieved a code for 50 free cards again this year, but all the opinions are my own. I was very impressed by the cards we received last year and even more impressed with the photobooks we had made (at our own expense) to commemorate our big roadtrip this year.


Are you a blogger? Want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here:

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5 Responses to Shutterfly: A Review and Giveaway

  1. Erin says:

    I love the Jingle all the Way card!

  2. Jessie says:

    Your family is adorable- any of these cards would be great. I think the one with all the pictures and the red centre square would be awesome, so you can show off all your cute pictures of the boys.

  3. Sabrina Smith says:

    Shutterfly is the best the only photo service I use! Thank you for the giveaway!
    sabrinasmith05 at gmail dot com

  4. Josephine says:

    I would love to win 25 free cards! Would be great to have them for baby G’s first Christmas 🙂

  5. Niki says:

    The Jingle card is cute – so very 2011! On the other hand, the card with the red rectangle appeals to the timeless modernist in me – and has more room for pics of your boys :-). Would love the 25 cards – and it would help motivate to get them done!

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