The First Week of School

This is the first week of firsts for our household. This week we don’t have an afternoon kindergartner, we have a full day grade 1 student in the house. This graduation to full day has made some distinct changes to our family routine, especially in the mornings. Aidan now needs to get up and actually get moving in the mornings. No more lazy mornings for us. No more second breakfasts at 9:30 am for Quinlan. The only saving grace is that Aidan started a new routine about a month ago and now gets dressed as soon as he gets up.

First Day of School

7:00 am Anthony goes into the boys’ room and wakes Aidan up from a deep sleep. Today Quinlan wasn’t out of bed either.

7:15 am Anthony goes back into the boys’ room to make sure that Aidan is actually getting his clothes on and hasn’t gone back to bed.

7:30 am Aidan eats breakfast and I come up to get some tea and maybe some toast.

7:45 am start bugging the boys to get their shoes on while I make sure that the lunch I made the night before is in Aidan’s lunch box. Also  make sure Aidan gets his teeth brushed.

Playing at School

8:00 am make sure the boys have their shoes on and Aidan went to the bathroom. Get my own shoes on.

8:10 am If we are lucky we are now leaving the house and are heading to school.

8:15 to 8:20 am Most likely the actual leaving time.

On the way home after the first day.

8:15 to 8:45 am Aidan talks the whole way to school about whatever he is going to invent/change in the future. Quinlan riding in the stroller (for now) also talks about whatever is on his mind at the moment.

8:45 ish am We get to the school and have a few minutes playtime before the bell rings.

Lining up to get into school. They can't wait.

8:55 am Line up just before the bell rings. The bell rings and Aidan’s temporary teacher brings the kids into the school.

Running around the Vancouver School Board Offices.

Sometime afterward Quinlan and I go on our merry way towards home. Next week on Tuesday and Thursday Quinlan and I will be heading to Douglas Park for preschool. This means Tuesdays and Thursday I will be bringing the car in the morning. Mondays and Wednesdays we will still be walking and heading straight to the aquatic centre for swimming lessons. I am determined to walk most days this year. Thursdays will be the full on car days because Quinlan has ballet on Thursday afternoons. Fridays I still intend to walk because Quinlan has no activities and Aidan’s piano lessons are not until 5:00 pm.

It is going to be a busy year!

Quinlan loves anyone who might read to him.

"Read me a story?"


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