Live Blogging the Opera: Getting Ready and Getting There

Part the first: Getting to the Opera.

It is now 3 o’clock and I need to do my hair and get dressed. I am planning on taking transit, so I have a couple of options, the 17 or walking to the Canada Line and getting off at City Centre and walking. Looking at the Translink site I think I am better off getting the 17 downtown and walking the two blocks to the theatre.

I  have my transportation planned and now I need to figure out which bag I am going to bring my camera with the 18-125 lens and the battery grip, my netbook, my wallet, keys and iPhone. Since carrying two bags is awkward I have reconfigured my Krumpler bag to fit everything.

Now to getting my hair done and dressed.

Me ready for the opera.

Hair done, and I am dressed. I am not sure, but that maybe because I was really hoping to have a new dress for tonight. I will get Anthony to take a picture when he and Aidan finish with their Portal 2 level.

Just back from the backstage tour. The set is fabulous and I would love to come another time and really see the set changes in action from the stage.


The first two acts were fabulous except for one small thing . . . someone in the row in front of us got sick all over a chair. Tracey and I were wondering what was going on, why were all the people leaving before anyone had sung a note? Yup, then the smell wafted. Luckily it wasn’t too bad where we were and they tried to clean it up as best they could, but it did make a difference to the performance for us.

Erin Wall, who sang the part of Violetta is wonderful. I am really pleased with her performance so far.

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  1. You look fantastic! Perfectly coiffed to enjoy a fine night out. Hope you were able to enjoy every musical moment 🙂

  2. harriet says:

    So cool! More things I didn’t know about Gwen, the singer.

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