Munscha Mia: Aidan’s Video Review

Laura Jaye, Samantha Currie in front, Benjamin Elliot in back

Benjamin Elliot (back), Laura Jaye and Samantha Currie


This weekend Aidan and Anthony went to see Carousel Theatre’s production of “Munscha Mia.” Both Anthony and Aidan really enjoyed the play. When they got home we got out the flip and I interviewed Aidan about the play. He liked “Jonathan Cleaned Up and Then He Heard a Sound” the best, though the video doesn’t reflect this as he acted out the entire story and it was edited from the video. I will get Anthony to edit that portion so you can see Aidan’s version later.



Munscha Mia runs from March 5th to 27th at Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island. Call Carousel Theatre at 604.685.6217 for tickets.

*The Photo is Courtesy of Carousel Theatre, Photograph by Tim Matheson

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  1. K is going to Munscha Mia this Friday with his class. I’m not able to go because Em is under 3 and apparently they only allow ages 3 and up in the theatre. This will be K’s first play AND his first field trip without me. You have no idea how badly I am hoping he behaves himself.

    He’s the most animated reviewer I’ve ever seen. 🙂

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