Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-20

  • So gag went for shoulder makeup because boob falsies are soooo yeswterday. #grammies #
  • G: I wonder if his (Drake's) IMDB says he started on Degrassi? A: No [checks IMDB] Dammit, he was on Degrassi TNG. G: I <3 it when I'm right #
  • 22 individually made valentines for Aidan's kindergarten class. 2.5 hours Quinlan's nap. Luckily for me they both were at the same time. #
  • Why do I never learn? I should have printed off valentines since I couldn't find them on Saturday, not HANDMADE 22 of them. #
  • I will be so happy when this root canal business is finished. Been putting off antibiotics, but not sure how much longer I can. #
  • The toothache that kept me awake until 5am and is hurting like hell now is making me cranky and unable to concentrate. #sucks #
  • Went out to get antibiotics. Hoping this tooth pain will be history very soon. #
  • It is snowing in Fairview. The boys are going out of their tree. Lovely for getting them ready to go to drop off Aidan for school. #
  • Aura starting, I guess the unstable weather is starting to affect me. #goodnight #
  • Boys' room clean, Quinlan down for a nap, front hall clean, upstairs bathroom clean now to living room, dining room and kitchen. #jocotonite #
  • At the Rio for @jonathancolton #
  • I am laughing at @anthonyfloyd while he is playing with a lighter app. I may download later. 🙂 #
  • Code monkey . . . #
  • Wondering about the beard to clean-shaven ratio at the #joco concert. @Anthonyfloyd may actually be in the majority. #
  • All we want to do is eat your brains. We're not unreasonable . . . #joco #zombies #
  • Now it is time for the rock tease. #joco #
  • Just enough time for cheesecake before we need to get back home. Thank you @nanniesoncall. #
  • The view from Point Roberts. Cold wind today. #
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