Untitled and Uncreative

I have been taking pictures, although I haven’t taken any off the card in a while.  I have also been spending a lot of time writing and drawing in a couple of journals. I have a small one that is in my purse for those times I need to write while I am out and I have a blank unlined journal for doodling and working things out. What I haven’t been doing is writing here. I am not sure why.  I spend almost every night trying to catch up on twitter and blogs and I just don’t feel like trying to put my words down through the keyboard at the moment.

I am feeling a little stifled by the computer even, like I might need to take some time offline. Of Course that isn’t really an option now as I am doing some social media consulting right at the moment and it isn’t conducive to being offline. It may just be the almost full week of having Aidan home with pink eye.  It maybe that by the time I am finished doing the social media consulting work that I am loath to even look at my computer. It may be that I am feeling a little self conscious at the moment. I am not sure why. I think it may be the January blahs with a teeny it of seasonal depression thrown in.

It has been so dreary weather wise that the day that has some sunshine in it merely sets off the raging sinus headache from the abrupt weather change.

I am feeling a need to make a bit of a change even if it is only the colour of my hair, or the colour of my glasses. I just can’t seem to get off my ass and do it. Here is me getting off my ass tomorrow and making an appointment at Twizzle. On Monday I will call to get a copy of my glasses prescription (since I lost it somewhere.) This week I am purging my closet and figuring out how I am getting a new dresser in my room. It will happen, if only for my sanity.

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  1. I go through waves of being into the online world and not. Enjoy the purge! And sorry I won’t see you tomorrow.

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