Canada’s Worst Driver

Anthony and I like to watch the train wreck that is Canada’s Worst Driver.  I am not sure why except that the drivers are so bad.  I can hardly believe how bad, except that we live in Vancouver and I see these situations all the time.

There are a lot of small traffic circles in Vancouver and I have almost been hit a number of times when I have the right of way.  It seems like people think that the car in the midst of a left turn in a traffic circle doesn’t have the right of way, when in fact, they do.  The number of times I am in the midst of turning left in a traffic circle that I have been cut off by someone who then blasts their horn at me is innumerable.  I wonder if these same people would cut me off in the middle of a left turn at a 4 way stop when I have right of way.

My driving horror stories are nothing compared to the crap that Anthony gets every single day.  I sometimes wonder why Anthony even rides his bike to work.  The number of people who use the bike routes to get around the city faster is horrible.  They cut off the bikes, blow through stops signs and generally make life a hazard.

Watching Canada’s Worst Driver, both Anthony and I cringe at the damage, but we both think that it would be a fantastic opportunity for someone to have those kind of driving lessons and tests for people that want to become better and safer drivers.  Wouldn’t you love to spend a week or so learning to work through all those challenges?  Wouldn’t you love your teen to learn to drive from experts who would teach them to avoid accidents?  Maybe someone will get on that.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Oh you guys know I love that show 🙂 And I’d kind of like to learn from the instructors and do the challenges myself.

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