Clearing the Way

Over the last couple of months Anthony and I have been trying to make more room in our very small house.  It has been hardest trying to get rid of things like the bassinet and baby clothes.  I go through them and feel sad that it is unlikely that we will have another baby.  I know that it isn’t practical for us to have another baby, but giving away the last vestiges of Aidan and Quinlan’s babyhood hurt a bit.

We still have a lot of stuff here and if it doesn’t sell on craigslist soon then we will be giving the clothes away somewhere, maybe a women’s shelter.  The toys are another matter entirely.  Today I went through all the upstairs toys with the boys and managed to get a rubbermaid  tote and a cardboard box full of toys to sell at the Holly Bazaar at Holy Trinity.

Quinlan didn’t really understand what we were doing and he was happily playing with all the toys I put in the tote.  I feel a little sad that I am giving away all the tonka smiling cars, but he is more likely to play with his brother’s dinkies than with his own cars.

Aidan on the other hand was very emotional about what we were putting in the tote.  Even if he hadn’t played with these toys for well over a year he still didn’t want to let go of them now. I was able to put a few of the trucks that he said he really liked by putting them into a pile of toys that *might* go into the box.  I was also able to get rid of a number of dinkies that were a little broken (bent axles and the like) to become traders for geocaches.

All in all it was easier and had fewer tears than I expected. Now I just need to go through the toys downstairs.

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