Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

  • Found swim lessons that correspond for both Quinlan and Aidan. Now we have Monday and Wednesday mornings booked. Woot! #
  • One article written & waiting for proofing & pics tom. Now to get swim things ready for tom's lessons w/ Q. And it feels like midnight alrdy #
  • At least A's clothes are ready for tomorrow's field trip already. Mornings are not my forte. I am not sure how I will survive next year! #
  • Swimming, pumpkin patch, goal setting conferences, what a day! (OH and all this before noon!) #
  • So busy with life that I forgot to tweet. 😛 That and it is hard to tweet with a 2 year old grabbing your iPhone or computer. #
  • yeah, my mason jar fits my blender. Much easier to make carrots teeny in a small jar rather than the big jug. #carrotcake #
  • I think I found our carrot cake recipe. It was hard to tell with @anthonyfloyd's handwriting and no instructions. 😛 #
  • No school for the boy tomorrow, or any child in fact, so we make cake tomorrow. Also we figure out the rest of the plans for Saturday. #
  • The 2 year old is on lockdown in the crib after throwing a car in my eye. Thank god for the glasses, though my cheek hurts. #
  • Trying to keep anger in check. How do I stop him from screaming and throwing things? I am at my wit's end. #
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