Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

  • First minute to myself all day. So what do I do? Check twitter of course. #
  • The zombies ate my brains. It seems like the night for it. #
  • Sigh, the boys want to go to the beach, I want to go to bed. The thought of baking with no shade has very little appeal. #
  • Also the thought of running after a toddler has even less appeal. Think I can get away with the wading pool on the balcony? #
  • FTR it is ok with the boys to have the wading pool on the balcony w/boats & shovels & buckets. Woot! Now no worries about the sun, shade FTW #
  • God I hope the trip to the pool is worth the hour of getting ready. #sofrustratedalready #
  • Had lunch. Now onto the swimming. 🙂 #
  • Aidan is now a fish and Quinlan hates the water. It is looking more like the hair/eyes and water genes are evenly distributed. 🙂 #
  • I love that quinlan tells me in no uncertain terms when he is hungry. Aidan still doesn't always do that. #brotherssodifferent #
  • I am thinking of having several versions of Personal Jesus as my ringtones. Johnny Cash for serious calls, phonebooth mix for family etc. #
  • Boy # 1 still asleep. I'll give him 15 more minutes till I wake him up to get dressed. If I didn't have an appointment I'd let him sleep. #
  • I think boy #1 has his first migraine. #sucksthatitishereditary 🙁 #
  • Had a good long talk with my cousin Alex. It is hard to imagine that I used to babysit him as a toddler. #Iamsooldyetsoyoung #
  • Not only do I not have a school supply list, but there are no PD days listed for Tennyson on the VSB site. I need to plan. #Schoolsatrssoon #
  • The school website is a disaster. Where is the actual information? School supply lists, calendar, actual links? #
  • Has anyone in a Vancouver school got a school supply list for kindergarten? I'd like to be prepared. #
  • Anthony's grandmother died yesterday evening on what would have been his mother's 61st birthday. He is heading back to NS tonight. #sucks #
  • It wasn't unexpected, but still. The boys & I are staying in Vancouver because 3 cross-country flights in <3 months is too much for the kids #
  • Off to pick up the fabulous pics from @Bopomopics. Wait till you see the one of Quinlan in his @Chillmonkeys hat! #
  • Seriosly thinking of this as a modeling headshot. Now you know why it is so hard to say no! #
  • .@AnthonyFloyd Aidan wants to go to bed when Quinlan does. I think I will oblige. #
  • Let's play Words With Friends on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! My username is 'Gwen Floyd'. #
  • So I should really put me and my sore throat to bed. #thisweekendmightreallysuck #
  • Heading out to CApilkano Susupension bridge. Yeah priviledge pass. 🙂 #
  • Never type in a hurry. You heard it from me first. #typosgalore #
  • Time to go down for reset number 1 of what I think might be many. #missedthesleepwindow #
  • I am taking this cold to mean that if there is a god, she doesn't love me right now. #moviedaytomorrow #worstsummerever #
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  1. Love this weeks twitter updates! My fav= Time to go down for reset number 1 of what I think might be many.
    .-= JP @ rants n’ rascals´s last blog ..helping your tween prepare for middle school =-.

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