Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

  • Why does packing take so effing long? Still need to pack the carry on items. 😛 #
  • Here in Halifax and the kids are asleep. I am hoping to get some sleep before the sun wakes them. It's 2 hot 2 use tinfoil on the windows. #
  • Unpacked, organized (mostly) and getting ready to grocery shop. Then off to the hospital after lunch.< Sigh.> #
  • On a high note, my cousin's brand new little girl is gorgeous. Doesn't look like she came 5 weeks early. 🙂 #
  • RT @NanaLorraine: A wants to show Q how to have a temper tantrum so he can do it right. Told'm they don't have to happen at all. Rspnse:Why? #
  • OH while walking today: "You shouldn't get drunk for the first time when you aren't with your boyfriend." says teenaged boy to girl friend. #
  • I am not sure what that says about the kind of party she was going to, or whether the 2nd time was ok without the boyfriend. 😛 #drunkteens #
  • Spent the afternoon at the Funeral home and then home getting things ready. Lots of pictures to go through. I wish I had done it before. #
  • I am a little bit afraid to try to shut my eyes. But I need to get some sleep before the boys get up in the am. Lots to do tomorrow. #
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