Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

  • Sigh, I just want a reasonable size rent and a reasonable sized house in a place where I will get to see my husband. #toomuchtoaskfor #
  • If we didn't figure out the house rent scam before the email demanding 1500 to be sent keys would have done it. What an ass. #fraud #
  • RT @AnthonyFloyd: This is what a Craigslist rental scammer's email looks like #diescumdie #
  • It looks like we will be keeping the same schedule next year as we have for the last two. Afternoon kindergarten for the whole year. #
  • It looks like Aidan will be in the portable as well. Easier to get to w/the stroller & not in the bldg that needs earthquake restoration. #
  • Just back from @chillmonkeys photoshoot. The boys were all adorable. #toocuteforwords #
  • How many moo cards do I need for blogher? 200? 400? Help! #
  • kids in the wading pool, Naan watching. I am about to clean the balcony. #strikewhiletheironishot #
  • RT @AngellaD: Vancouver people! I seriously need to know if y'all are up for the pre-@BlogHer meet up. : #
  • Anyone taking bets on whether the house we are going to see tonight is a dump or not too bad? #ifwecanafordititmustbebad #
  • Quinlan has the nursing pillow and a blanket on the floor and is "reading" some books. #toocuteforwords #
  • Was thinking about trying to find a way to go to @BlissdomCanada but weekday conferences are out due to amount of Vacation time left. #
  • RT @alexishinde: Out takes from our first @chillmonkeys photo shoot: I die of the cute. (Quinlan is adorable.) #
  • RT @AnthonyFloyd: Vancouver area? Dad? Tweetup! Tomorrow, Confederation Park, 11am #
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