Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

  • Happy Dads day to all the dads out there. Have a great day! #
  • RT @AnthonyFloyd: The whole LeftCoastFloyds clan was shot today by @thejerk and @mirandal. Didn't hurt a bit. Thanks guys! #
  • I am now lusting after a macro lens for our t2i. Sigh, lens or new shoes and a dress? Any recommendations? 🙂 #
  • I think a lens will win out. @SlvrLambStudios @cogno I am sure @AnthonyFloyd would agree. 😀 #
  • trying to ignore the news. In other things, I like that reading the kobo I don't have to worry about losing my page. Now to save the cat. #
  • I am a little nervous about my MRI later this morning. However looking forward to surgery in 3 weeks. Can't wait to have random pain gone. #
  • Back from the MRI. Slightly stiff and with a migraine, but hopefully with a scan of the problem. #
  • I am a little confounded. Aidan is having a nap again at his insistence. He really must be growing. #notknockingit #
  • Trying not to cry as my heartbroken 1.5 year old doesn't have breastfeeding for comfort. A 24 hour moratorium due to MRI contrast. #
  • I guess this is a trial run for next weekend while we are away. Though it is harder for him with me here I suspect. #
  • OMFG this is hilarious if sick. RT @AnthonyFloyd: Cat-people beware. Sad. But FUNNY. : #
  • Just about to head out and meet the Orca Princess Posse. Playdates all summer for the win! #
  • Yay! Just booked tickets for Aidan and I (or Anthony) for @carouseltheatre 2010-2011 season. We won't miss out next year! #
  • RT @AnthonyFloyd: Vancouver Dads Day Out (with kids) at Confederation Park's Burnaby Central Railway, 10 July #yvrddo #
  • I so do not want to be up. The 4:30 am night feedings have to stop. #sotired #
  • I forgot how much I like Midnight Oil and REM. Good cleaning mix. #
  • Now we have the Cult. Love Removal Machine. I feel like I should be in a mosh pit. 😀 #
  • um yeah what he said 😀 RT @AnthonyFloyd: Frakkin' BSG miniseries marathon tonight. Oh yeah. #
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