Lost Without My BBQ

We are a family who barbecues all winter long. Our barbecue works harder than our oven and because I am so practiced, things tend to turn out much better than in the oven. My barbecue is not only a workhorse, it is a fast workhorse. When we get the boys to bed I can have supper ready in 45 minutes. The oven or slowcooker require more attention to time or at least I need to have a plan in place.

I know that our barbecue is on its last legs. It is down to one rack and it really needs to be cleaned out. The burner is almost gone and the remaining rack will be rusted through soon as well. To this end we have been looking for a new barbecue. We want a smaller model, and we have seen the perfect one, but it isn’t available anywhere in Canada as far as I can tell, at least as one that takes propane. I did see an electric one and my first inclination (probably like those who first came across propane rather than charcoal) is to dismiss it as silly. After all why use an electric barbecue when you have a perfectly good electric oven?

We are still looking for a replacement as I am still not convinced that the electric jobbie is the ticket. We want one that is small, we don’t have a lot of balcony real estate and our current one takes up way too much space. The small round one that has the shelf for the propane tank underneath would be perfect. If we had a big house with a patio and a huge yard we would get another big barbecue. We might even get one of those stainless steele ones. Until then I guess we fill the propane tank we have and wait for the it to rust out completely. Because Mommy needs her steak and kabobs.

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